Consulting & Strategic Planning

Up to Par Management will analyze Historical Performance, Membership Performance, Club Organizational Structure, and Business Model.

We will approach the project in several phases, all of which combined to achieve the Club’s objectives. Up To Par will conduct the following detailed analysis with report:

    • 1. Analyze Membership Performance and Structure
       Prior Membership Levels (by category, 3-5 years prior to current fiscal year)
      • Standard Membership Rates
      • On-going Promotions
      • Demographics of Membership
      • Identify opportunities for improvement
    • 2. Analyze Club Operational Structure
      • Identify opportunities for improvement
      • Identify Business Model for sustainability
      • Identify Financial opportunities
    • 3. Marketing Analysis Report
    • 4. Presentation of the entire plan to the Board and Membership for Review and Approval

Phase I: Initial Scheduling and Financial Analysis

  • Review with the Board and Management (if appropriate) the financial priority items.
  • Create a project timeline for completion and presentation to the Board.
    This is the introductory phase and is a high-level overview to schedule future priorities.

Phase II: Thorough Financial Analysis and Opportunities for Execution
In this phase, we will assemble the key players (Board Members, Club, and Up to Par Associates) who will assist in the development and testing of the designed improvement plans.

Phase III: Marketing + Execution of Plan
The third and most involved phase is the actual execution of plans by the Club with the support of Up to Par and Club Associates.

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