Hospitality Operations & Management

 Up to Par will operate your club’s food and beverage to generate additional profit and added member-guest experience. With direct experience managing many successful restaurants and catering businesses, we focus on financial turnarounds and operating clubs as for-profit entities. A club’s food and beverage operations are a fundamental element of the overall atmosphere and culture of the property. From developing innovative menus that are easily administered and profitable to consistently delivering an outstanding product at contained costs, Up to Par cultivates culinary operations to be the cornerstone of the property. Events are vital to our marketing promotions and to our members’ and guests’ experiences. With our direct experience managing many successful restaurants and catering businesses, we focus on food quality, service, and financial performance as we operate break-even, and for-profit entities.

Great Food and Creative Cocktails
The food and beverage operation should be a point of pride for your club. Up To Par + Taylor Hospitality create a more cost effective, revenue producing operation.

Create an Exceptional First Impression
It is imperative for a club’s dining facilities to create a lasting first impression that helps perpetuate brand loyalty. Your first impression of a food and beverage outlet sets the stage and the experience. The staff then adds to the overall impression, both of which need to be in harmony.

Through our account agreements, Up To Par + Taylor Hospitality receives the best possible pricing within the hospitality food industry. Working actively with our procurement partner, we identify our most profitable, highest quality items so that your club’s members + guests receive value for their food and beverage experience. In addition, we work to procure local vendors to take advantage of seasonal food elements.

Banquet / Wedding / Event Sales
Unequivocally, the most profitable aspect of the hospitality business is event sales. A strong banquet business allows for lower food costs, leverage with vendors, high-quality service professionals, and a significant value for the stakeholders. Up to Par + Taylor Hospitality is an extremely strong participant in the wedding industry. We have hosted two bridal shows and planned and hosted hundreds of weddings, rehearsals, and receptions. We fully understand that 20 – 25 weddings per year can positively transform a property’s income statement.

Restaurant Operations
From presentation to the palate, every aspect of the dining atmosphere and experience must be in balance for your guest to be satisfied with their choice. With new restaurants constantly opening, it’s imperative that your member or customer recognize the quality available at your establishment.

Bar Operations
We provide bar offerings at every one of our properties. From specialty everyday cocktails during dinner time to extravagant bar packages at weddings and events, our bar operations provides every member and guest with an unmatched experience.

Concessions Operations
Up to Par also provides concessions operations at property’s who serve customers during large events like national tournaments and competitions. Please ask us about how we can deliver concessions services to your property!

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