Full Club Operations & Management

Up To Par Management develops and manages properties by the property, distinguishing that each club needs its own individual custom-tailored business, operations, and marketing plan to meet our consistently escalating standards to increase revenues and manage expenses.

We dedicate every resource from hospitality, human resources, and recruitment, agronomy, golf operations, accounting, operations, marketing to ensure success. We have developed the following six sigma club management processes that create success for our owners, shareholders, and guests. Up to Par consistently monitors, inspects, and measures our processes to ensure our clients are achieving the desired financial and experience goals.

Fiscal Management Transparency
It is your MONEY and we take this awesome responsibility extremely seriously. We are charged to manage your hard-earned money and do so with tremendous honor.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s)
Our OKR system we use to monitor Club Operations weekly and are integral to our execution plan. Our daily dashboard reporting includes all the necessary revenue metrics that outlined our performance. The number of rounds played, the number of covers generated.

Expenses are controlled through the budget and purchase order process. Up to Par has identified purchasing thresholds in which our management team must have additional management support to purchase. We always ask – “if you owned the place would you need it?” On the other hand, there is always a balance when it comes to homeowners member/guest resolution therefore we train and allow our associates to do the right thing.


Making Your Club Profitable is our Business

Up to Par with its Lean Management and Six Sigma Foundation ensure that our daily operating procedures ensure that we are always focused on our clients. Through our daily reporting, payroll administration, and corporate supervision we execute our agreed operating business plan.

Additionally, while overseeing the property’s financial returns we are constantly improving our process and adjusting for the current economic trends. Our team is extremely pragmatic and flexible to meet the needs of our members and guests.

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